Goes To The Supermarket And Never Returns

by Like So

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released October 17, 2009

Like So is: Colin Lazorka, Dave Hennessy, Seth Engel.

All music written by Seth Engel and Like So. Lyrics written by Seth except tracks 2, 3, and 6 written by Seth and Colin.
Recorded and Mixed at HN Audio and Stud Co by Todd Cheney, Adam Salsberg, and Like So.
Vibes on track 6 by: Colin and Seth
Piano on track 6 by: Dave
Gang Vocals on track 5 by: Colin Lazorka, Dave Hennessy, Seth Engel, Todd Cheney, Adam Salsberg, Bryan Kingsley, and Joe Garton.
Layout and design by Seth Engel.

Thanks to: Our families, Todd Cheney, Adam Salsberg, all of 5212, Alex Huddleston, Bryan Kingsley, Mary Clemens, Melissa Powers, The Para-medics, Richard Def & The Mos Pryors, and you.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Internet
It's hard to finish what I start when the waves keep tearing my sandcastles apart. Maybe I need a hobby, cause all of this seems lost on me. Most my friends are so in love, so I guess that's why enough's never enough. I thought that I had standards once, now I'm exhausted, never I'm done.

I can't see straight through your paragraphs of tired nothings.
You just can't seem to believe in anything of substance.

I guess I never really cared for overconfidence, I swear. Maybe I should remember the things in my life that hold me together. if there's one thing I believe, ignorance love company. You say it's hardly hard to see, but I think that you've been lead so blindly.
Track Name: If the Jonas Brothers Were From Las Vegas
I think you thought I'd thrown away my chance to finally live, but you don't even know the half of what I've had to give. Your think your heart is filled. Your mind is closed, it's all too real. You're stuck in ways of old, now gripping tighter to your wheel.

I leave, you stay. We'll be pretty far away. I'll pretend it's okay, and I'll make the most of my days. Why write? Why call? I owe you nothing after all. Do what you do what you do what you do... I guess I'll have to start anew.
it's never simple after all. it just gets harder when you fall. But if this is where you really want to be, this part is never easy...

We live in a fantasy that only you believe. No matter how hard I push the closer you cling to me. I love you with all my heart but this is far too much. The ghost that lives inside your dreams is too distant to touch.
Track Name: Sometimes Exercise Means Talking Faster
Embarrassment the way it happened probably won't leave. Humili -ty or -ation, can't
decide on what it wants to be. I still haven't managed to come to terms
with what I've lost - I reveled in the moment, but only now I know just what it cost.

For Nights I lay awake and wonder what it was I did wrong. I still feel your warmth on the pillow next to me... The touch of your fingers is fading.

Now I'm searching for some kind of viable excuse, but honestly there's nothing that could mask pathetic truth. You were kinda lonely, and I had little left. There was no void, for a few hours, but in place, there's just regret.
Track Name: Peter's Northward Adventure
If I thought I could change the way I feel, I know that I would without a moment's hesitation. The truth ain't always easy to stomach, but still, I know these chances are fleeting glances and there won't always be tomorrow.

I must get myself out of this ditch and learn to fly or dig a wider hole. I have the will, and will find a way to shine a light and find my self-control. This flight's only just begun. This is the fight nobody ever won. I'm losing dollars, making common sense
seeing life for what it is.

I've been on my own for far too much time. I'd like to find someone who has got something left to offer. Awkwardness aside, please, would you remind me what I'm doing with my life and why I came here in the first place?
Track Name: Drop Trou
I guess its safe to say we help each other respirate. As stupid as it sounds, we keep our feet safe on the ground. When the world is caving in, we can find some hope within. And when things just fall apart, we know at every end, there is a start.

You’re not always right, but then again, neither am I. In a way, we are the same, but its more prominent how I have changed. Growing up wasn’t always tough but mostly, I was told to suck it up. You tried your best to help, but sometimes you got in the way of yourselves.

I do try to accept you for who you really are. Some ways, some days… One moment like glue, then falls apart. We’d like to be right, and sometimes its harder to admit our faults - to see it all for what it sometimes really is.
Track Name: The N
Here I am, so take me or leave me (believe me). Hope I can use this, or prove this to myself at least ('Cause what's success? What's success without regrets?).

I'm fucking tired of letting go. I can't do this on my own, but maybe if we don't give up we'll live the life that we dream of. All I can do is sit and wait for the chance and not let it escape. No, I won't be another passerby, 'cause THIS IS MY WHOLE LIFE, NOT JUST TONIGHT.

Oh, it's so good, but never goodnight.

This is the best we've ever had, this is the life we've chosen. Well there's no use in getting mad. It ain't over till it's over.